Monday, Unfuckening and Shopping PLNs

I... might... have obliterated my Magic Saver Card through human error[I reset the PIN in the wrong thing]. It's Schroedinger's borked.

I have no doubt that it will be sorted out soon enough. Meanwhile, I'll pipe what money I have towards Beloved and do the shopping with her.

We still need to get cream for the pav, drinkies, and maybe a few other bits and bobs. Some of which requires having the kiddos in the car at the same time.


We still have the spare room and various spots of the house to unfuck before Crimbolio.

Because we're having GUESTS! Yaaaay!

I've also started posting some wildlife pics on my Calkey/Mastodon account.

I shall stream soon enough and perhaps find time to work on memes enough to get me booted from the bird app.

Stay tuned.