Monday, Day 0, Long Monday

Plague news:

  • 18 000 new cases
  • 80 563 total active cases
  • 402 hospitalisations
  • 22 in ICU
  • 2 more deaths.

Vax news:

  • 44 million national total administrations
  • 8 million total administrations in Queensland
  • 34 096 new administrations in Queensland

I don't have many plans to go anywhere and do anything. It's Long Monday because D&D, so I have no expectations.

...and I just spent some significant time trying to Homebrew a Not-Deer.

In the news:

  • Sebian Snowflake sent warnings and threats from the Aussie public. Stay classy, but he also kind of deserves it
  • Cyclone Tiffany threatens Cairns
  • Some fuckwit shot up a Burger King
  • Some other fuckwits killed a person and then had sex on the victim's bed while the victim was still dying
  • Governer-General caught the plague
  • Landlord banned from renting properties after the state of the homes got out
  • Cliff collapses, kills seven tourists
  • Kids can now get the plague jab
  • Flood leevee failed, area urged to evacuate
  • Stranger drives to return wallet found lost in snow

And now. Finally. Stories.