Challenge #03285-BONUS011: Old Quarry Time

Wraithvine decides to see just what this bow can do in Kevin's hands, and has him start shooting at targets in an old quarry. But carefully instructs him on what to concentrate the arrow doing when it hits. Ze's both impressed, and disturbed, and if ze were any other Elf, a little spooked, at the immense power that worthless little bow could have. But when anyone else drew the bow, not only would it not draw or bend, it was like trying to pull on reinforced steel. -- Anon Guest

This latest array of rocks had been where a dragon had died, at least according to the legends retold by the old sots at the bar. If you knew where to look, they insisted, you could find some dragon scales where the dead beast had skidded to their final stop.

Horse-apples, the lot of it.

Wraithvine had been there when it happened and knew that it was nothing more than an entire tribe of Kobolds digging out a seam of shale to help a nearby village at the time. Anything that didn't fit the bill had been tossed aside[1].

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