Challenge #03284-BONUS010: A Cure For a Monster

They were in Pax Humanis for a long time, working with therapists due to their explosive temper. A new medication was found that could aid in controlling the temper due to the chemical imbalance in their brain and they volunteered to try the new treatment.

It's been ten years since they've had even a single violent episode. An individual at a station got in their face, pushed them, became belligerent and violent themselves, and instead of killing the person, they merely grabbed them and held them, unharmed but secure, until Security came to take them away. Again, no bout of violent temper, no rage, though they were mad about the Havenworlder at the cafe' being so badly spooked.

They spoke to their therapist after talking to friends back on the Pax Humanis world. They'd like to retire from Pax Humanis and just live a quiet life, their rages were finally gone. -- Anon Guest

Pax Humanis Enforcer Naal had been just as surprised as Security. They were all fully expecting an Incident that could only have happened because of the crowds in the way. But no, the ignorant Deregger Knomira[1] survived the encounter with a Pax Humanis Enforcer who was famous for putting their fist through someone else's skeleton and then literally pulling the offender to pieces.

Naal knew they had rage issues. They had tried to warn the Deregger. Not that they were at all inclined to listen. And now everyone was still alive and Naal was not waking up in an ICU drawer after getting shot with several tranq darts and multiple stunner rounds.

They were sitting up in an interview room and giving a rational description of events as they happened from their point of view.

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