Monday, Day 0, Fan-firkin-tastic

Plague news: One local transmission, zero imports. Twenty-seven total cases and twenty-six of those are in hospital.


I need to poddle along to a Chemists and get myself some saline for the nebuliser because I am almost out of the dang stuff.

The F-key on my keyboard keeps popping off and I may have to get a new keyboard at some point. Depends on how annoying this gets in my future.

Today: house unfuckening, 500 words, and the daily instant. If I can manage the energy, I shall attempt some independent coding. According to my Beloved, I should have little trouble on one task - getting the list of favourites up for any account.

Apparently, I can copy a lot of code from the search feature. We shall see.

In the news:

  • Chinese spy apparently reveals plague secrets
  • Bindi Irwin unleashes family drama
  • Sydney outbreak keeps happening
  • The one local transmission is NOT Delta
  • Toshiba in trouble for cooking the books
  • Australia now the leader! In consuming cocaine
  • Netherlands Princess rejects $2.5 million per annum payout. Good for her
  • China still throwing soldiers at Taiwan
  • Creep exposed for groping a teen on a plane. Stab him with your plastic fork, girl
  • Vanilla Ice resurfaces from the vault
  • Blogger forces police to act against criminals. Good for him

Delta is still looming south of the border, so I'm very nervous about the state of things.