Monday, Bits and Bobs

Those of you who follow me on Tumblr may be aware, but for everyone who goes here, first - I started posting a fanfic today. I have at least three other WIPs to finish on an 'unprofessional' level as well as the continuing saga of A Devil's Tale.

I might have five chapters to read to Adorable by tomorrow. Depends on where my muse leads me.

Possibly in every direction at once.

Today, I have finally finished the chapter-by-chapter summary of Beauties. Today, I'll be reading another chapter of Adapting for my raw audio collection. Today, I take a little breather and have a good think about what I'm doing in the Tale Foundry prompt.

Today, I might try to twiddle with some settings in Stencyl to see if I can make the alien ships go left and right.

I'm not yet feeling accomplished, and refreshing my AO3 pages may yet be giving me life today.

Time, as always, will tell.