::insert Law&Order doink-doink::

Toasty's released another thirty-second update to her new WIP music video, so you know what that means. Yes, folks, I'm writing another 3K in the novelisation of the video in progress because my demons will not leave me alone until I do.

It's such a thing to be possessed by a story idea.

It doesn't happen often, but it's a ride when it does. Teh pln for today includes a money run, the mandatory story, an attempt at 1000 words and, if the Instant is kind and flows quickly, the potential for editing some more of the Inter-Mission episode in progress.

Assuming anyone's listened to it at all.

Nobody's bought my album anywhere. Hell, I don't even know if anyone's listened to it for free. I can't access that data. Bleh.

In a few moments, the shops will be open enough for me to go get my cashola, so I'm going to commit ficcery whilst the committing is good. Story soon enough, folks.