Challenge #02461-F271: Works Every Time

So, based on your story about visiting aliens having to hover their hands over something to check if it was hot, imagine if one alien (or maybe even human) uses it as a pick-up line. Like, they hover a hand over someone's wrist or hand and they just say "hot." I think it would be cute! -- Anon Guest

Love is many things, but it was never logical, reasoned, or well thought. In literary terms, love is that idiot who dives into a midden for the laughs and comes out with the golden crown. Love is the friends made along the way. So it is when a Havenworlder repeatedly crushes on Humans.

That is, they develop sincere and soft affection for humans. There are very few Havenworlders who can even attempt to crush a Human. Even when they do, the general reaction is (a) positive, and (b) some comment regarding how soft/fluffy/cute/huggable the Havenworlder in question is at the time. They don't even get mad.

P'taal had what could easily be considered a fatal flaw in that they found Humans to be very attractive indeed. This was a problem because many of them could literally crush them without so much as a second thought. Havenworlders have never had to evolve much in the way of defences, before they got out into the Galactic Alliance. It wasn't much to be concerned about. Humans would rather break their own heads than harm a Havenworlder.

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