Here we go

back on my bullshit

It's school time again and Mayhem is entering his last term. Hopefully he's still looking for part-time work to help fill the family coffers.

It's not his fault that the job market is so scarce. Late stage capitalism sucks major balls. Content creation for pennies on the hour might be all that he has, poor dear.

It's a Cleaning Day, and a Patreon Day, and I'm trying to do all my other nonsense... so yeah. Busy 'Nutter.

I'm going to firkin make myself do some editing on Inter-Mission today if it's the absolute last thing I do. It needs to be done. Same with recording for the next batch of editing. unto the butcher who fell backwards into the grinder... I'm all behind in my work.

Brat run soon. Assuming Mayhem is ready for the run.