Maintaining focus

Friendo is going home, this morning. I'm still lacking a certain amount of vitality to my days. I probably need a few more fats.

One MCT smoothie or two should help me pep up. I hope. Either that or a REALLY good napnap when I'm done with my day.

I am attempting this thing called Self Control again. Focussing on the stuff I need to do before I get onto the stuff I want to do. I need the practice.

I do, however, have a long weekend off from my novel. Yay. Which will give me time to work on one to four of the fanfics I have started and should really work on finishing. I shall keep my plotbunnies penned and not get distracted with yet another shiny idea that will derail me for 48 hours from projects yet left undone.

Laugh now. Place your bets on how much longer that's going to last. I have that little confidence in myself.

Thanks to MeMum's Purse of Incredible Weight, I now have $450 for the kids' school books and shoes. Anything extra out of that goes straight into my Compy Fund and I will get some tallies for that noise soon. I hope.

Finding new footing in my life almost always involves a period of stumbling about.

I'm going to divide my time up from huge chunks to little nibbles. Get a nibble done, then nibble at something else that is more physical than mental. It should make things more manageable than my previous method, which was bull through the mental stuff and then need to lie down because I was firkin exhausted. Not good.

Nibbles. I could well have ADHD or something of the ilk, given my distractibility quotient, or I could have Bipolar 2. That's... interesting.

Something to investigate over the course of time.

But for now... I should at least try for the scheduled Blasts.