Challenge #01826-D365: In Abstract

aliens going through human archives find the most Avant Garde porn, like, EVER -- Anon Guest

[AN: Just so you know, this author has very little experience with porn. Smut, yes. Porn, no.]

The Trizdressi had no idea what they had found on that graveworld. Something had happened to the population, and little was left to determine the disaster but what appeared to be an enormous cache of records. The scouts were halfway right. They were recorded data. Just... not data that was tremendously relevant to what happened on that world.

It might have been relevant, but it wasn't relevant in a way that could piece together the entire puzzle. It was a contributing factor, much like the atmosphere of racism was a contributing factor to the downfall of the United States as a Superpower. There were many other contributing factors, and one enormous cause to point the finger of blame at, but the contributing factor was most definitely there.

It took the Trizdrezzi several months to figure out how to read and display the data, with forensics and xenotech departments recreating the native players. And then it took a further five months to realise that they had not, in fact, made any mistakes with said recreation. Because the cache of records was, apparently, a nationwide database of pornography. Artistic, avant-garde pornography.

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