Long Term Development

Since Murder Dollhouse is currently slated for the late 2030's [subject to change depending on audience anticipation] I'm going to take my sweet time getting the nut notes together.

I think I'll post updates and whatnot to my Wordpress account. Powers know that thing is almost dead.

It's hard to network and I don't know how it's done, and I keep thinking that all I have to do is keep pumping out content and the peeps will come. And because of that I don't have much time for myself to just relax, read, and comment on stuff. Which is what networking's actually about.

So when I have time off, I dive away from the technoscrattle and soak in the stuff that entertains me. As a reward.

So yeah. I'm shooting myself in the foot. My only hope is that the nice peeps I'm actually gaining attention from in AO3 actually decide to support my artistry.

I'm going to have to go shopping, likely sometime after I've done this blog and scheduled my Blasts.

And I have STILL had no word from the last of the three agents I sent shit off to. Putting works I have no business working on live on Wordpress seems like a reasonable strategy. All the behind-the-curtain stuff for the peeps who like to peek behind the curtain.

When I get around to actual chapters, they'll go up on Patreon. But the unanchored scenes will appear on Wordpress.

AND I have to remember that what worked for The Martian may not work for me. At all. I'm just trying this tactic on an idea that's shiny enough to maintain my interest for an extended time. If it gains anyone else's attention, then I can shuffle Murder Dollhouse upwards in my queue.

And in the meantime, I have a long-term project to noodle around with.