Challenge #01922-E098: The Big Guns

She unleashed the most powerful, devastating, army-halting, tyrant-toppling weapon... the puppy dog eyes -- TheDragonsFlame

In the times of Dragons, a very young Elf only has one defense. And after the Orcs raided her village, and Tila woke up in a cage, it was a matter of urgency to find a time to use it on creatures who certainly planned to eat her. Once she realised her situation, she certainly couldn't return to anything approaching rest. Every Orc was carrying a young Elf in a cage on their back. There was no sign of the adults, anywhere.

The Orcs ran all night and finally took shelter in a network of caves at dawn. The Orc that had been carrying Tila put their pack and Tila's cage down. She could hear many other Elf children crying. Tila unleashed the most powerful, devastating, army-halting and tyrant toppling weapon that every Elf child had. Puppy eyes.

"Please don't eat me?" she asked in Common. Every being in the realm spoke Common. So she was told. So she hoped. So she fervently prayed.

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