Another Cleaning Day

I'm starting to greatly dislike these, tbh. Fortunately, I put aside a chunk of Speck each for just such an occasion. Deep fry those gorgeous shits and dinner is DONE. Boom.

Best fat delivery system ever IMHO.

On sleep news, I think I may have finally re-settled into a regular sleep cycle. Just in time to get it frelled up again by this coming weekend's indulgeances.

If I'm lucky, I might actually get my tub of ice cream.

For those lovely readers out there who are on Keto - don't buy the Pauls Dollop double cream

1) It isn't double cream
2) It's more like a cream-themed jelly
3) Added sugar

I have five tubs of this mess and no idea how to convince others to eat the damn stuff. And I abhor waste. So I guess it's going to be the side to my alleged ice cream or something.

It's sad that I have to plan my carb feasts ahead of time.

But that's the way it goes. Get one opportunity to feast on no-no and you tend to over-indulge.

Today's PLN involves just getting on with things. Just get on with the stories. Just get on with the novel installment. Try to get on with the fic-in-progress because I've been slack lately.

And then I can go binge something. Yay.