Level Up!

My Tiefling Monk [and Nightcrawler Expy] hit level 2 and gained Ki points... Alas, we missed out on RP of a cool training montage. So I did what any writer would do - I wrote five pages of training montage to kind'a share how cool it all looked inside my head.

...I may be forced to DM something because of this, IDK.

Maybe authors shouldn't be allowed to play D&D because we're wont to pull shit like this.

Anyway. 'Tis after the night before. I only managed about four hours' sleep. The cat keeps escaping her onesie that we used because she kept escaping her e-collar... and Jolie was fine 3 days post-op so... AUGH.

I just want my kitties to be okay.


I shall write story, then I shall nap and maybe get back to the self-indulgence.

In other news - I got a new engine for free, but the engine light is on constantly and the engine itself misfires at random. I shall be taking the repair people to task about this. Monday. When they're open.

Which will also be a cleaning day and a whole bundle of yikes on its own.

Double sigh.

Onwards, ever onwards.