Challenge #02501-F311: Special Skill

I have the unique ability to become very flexible after cracking every joint in my body -- Anon Guest

On a kludge station like Amalgam, you get repair junctions like these. They were spaces where cables, pipes, and the occasional load-bearing strut ran through because they were convenient, and then access was added as an afterthought because it was all becoming inconvenient. Time and entropy had made it even moreso.

"Can you get up in there?" asked Engineer Laisse. They were quite done having their breakdown by now, thankyou, and had hired the most flexible JOAT on the roster. The hope was that 'flexible' meant 'physically flexible' and not 'mentally' or 'emotionally'.

"I could but you might not like it. Full offensensitivity warning for disturbing body sounds."

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