Learnding continueth

Things I have learned since 3AM this morning:

  • I can stream live to Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/bitzerk
  • I still don't know how to have recorded videos up there
  • Having a better brush means having better fine details on your mini
  • If you want to paint a Kobold, they are ALL fine details
  • Even then, you will have paint spilling into areas you don't want it in.

I did my final obsessive touch-ups of my Tiefling and I'm moderately certain I'm ready to add some washes to that good boy. Since the feet require a level of fine control I'm not certain I have, I'm just going to go over them in a black wash and leave it at that.

Mostly because it's a level of detail I'm pretty certain most people won't even care about.

I'll learn how to do better, I'm sure.

Today's agenda includes gaining some chips so Chaos can bring them to the farewell party on Wednesday. Also the house unfuckening plus daily story plus 500 words and maybe - MAYBE - some applying of washes to my mini. Large areas so the shakes don't matter.

For right now? I need me some firkin coffee and my meds.