I should have posted my Patreon stuff yesterday, but the distraction of being a lazy goldbrick got in my way. So I made myself post it this morning.


And I can't help thinking that I skipped a week. Can't fathom how or when that happened. Nobody talks to me about this stuff. Even MeMum has stopped bothering me about the tardy stuff.

Autumn has more or less officially begun. Translated - I have put on Jeans for the first time this year.

In other news, we just got blacked out and I'm now operating on my lappy and phone. Some services will be delayed. Fingers crossed that the power is back on by the afternoon.


If you want to help me buy alternative energy facilities so that I never have to worry about Energex changing the power poles again, my Ko-fi account is over here. Help me have nice things. Like a reliable power supply.

Story will be happening soon. Please stand by.