Challenge #01872-E048: Aftermath

[Person 1 wakes up] “Ugh... what happened?”

[Person 2] “Do you want me to start before or after you started a civil war?” -- TheDragonsFlame

There was a wild party going on. But there had been a wild party going on when he passed out. The headache said it had been more than a while, but the noise level said it hadn't been that long. Hwell reached for the electrolyte solution that Ax'and'l had thoughtfully set out, and left the covered bacon and eggs alone for now. He wouldn't be able to look at it until he was halfway done with the electrolytes. And the painkillers.

He got a sip down. A couple of sips. A quarter of the charitably large glass. Fumbled for the painkillers and took them. Got to half a glass. "Ooof. Ugh. Ow." Pleasantries over with, he asked that question. "What happened?"

Ax'and'l had his Salty Judge face on. Which meant that something unstoppable was in the equation. "Would you like me to start before or after the civil war you started?"

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