Last-minute folderol

I watched Toastyhat animate in the wee smol hours again, so already tired! Yay! I'm also out of coconut milk and should get myself a fresh supply of coconut milk and I have NO idea if Beloved is down for more shopping so close to Crimbolio.

Getting supplies close to Xmas is HELL. Candy-cane coloured, mint-flavoured, ho-ho-HELL.

I do try to have all possible supplies to stay the hell out of the shops at that time of year, but... not always possible. Plus my traitor brain can only remember 0.5 thing at the best of times, so... yeah. Not a fun time for my easily-distractible arse.

I've apparently been having problems with story posting on this site and I'm going to actually record the process this time to see what the feck is going wrong with the tubes THIS time.

Probably my brain tube, but I would like to eliminate all possibilities.

Meh. It's 6AM, there's a pall of smoke in the air because our "glorious leader" ScoMo decided, in his infinite wisdom, that fire service wasn't necessary in a country that EVOLVED TO BURN REGULARLY. Waytago, ScoMo. Got any more good jokes?

The air quality isn't horrible JUST yet, but I am actively looking at getting myself a Vogmask(tm) on the just-in-case basis. This will likely happen again because Australia has a long history of electing idiots into positions of power.


Let's get on with something I can accomplish.