Last full day in Morgan

There's nothing planned for today, but I would like to pop over to the museum, later on. I, for one, will be very glad to get back home to a bed that's actually comfortable to sleep in. Beloved will also be glad of that respite, I am sure.

Tomorrow, we pack everything up and get ready to exit Morgan, head to Adelaide airport, and do the whole hurry-up-and-wait noise all over again. All so we can return to our home so late that buggerall will be done.

But I know that I will be able to do all my words on that day because hurry-up-and-wait is excellent writing time.

Meanwhile, we have quite a few food items that need to be devoured before we leave. Good Keto stuff of course. Berries and mascarpone, a bit of brie. Lamb chops. That sort of deal.

I should get on with the next 'shot' for my Sleep Evil Sleep project now that I have a ruler.

Wait. No. It's an Sustainably Organic Touchscreen-inert Artistic Straight Line Assistance Tool. SOTASLAT for short :D

I do know that I am going to lose Rabbit's hat like five seconds into the video, because that shit is hard to draw and I do not want to give myself reasons to quit on this thing. Fluffy hair is way more fun to draw anyways.

Now that I've actually finished one part of the Sleep Evil Sleep project, I have a lot more enthusiasm for continuing on the next bit. Hopefully, this state of affairs continues and I can get the whole video together. Expect it around the time Album 10 from SPG comes out. I'm slow. I take my time. You've seen from my progress pix so far that I am doing a full colour animatic because I doubt I have the patience or skill to do anything better in the field of animation.

It's as close as I can get on my own.

And maybe nobody else will care. If it's done. How it's done. That it's done at all. That's the definition of 'labor of love'. I'll be glad it's done, and that's the first person who matters. Mind you, if SPG notice it, that will be pure icing. If the rest of the fandom even halfway likes it, I'm good.

As an animator, I'm an excellent novelist. That's all the warning y'all are gonna get.