Last Day!

It's the penultimate day before I take the long-arse journey back home. Richer for experience and poorer for cash [eh. Whaddayagunnado] but definitely a happier person for all the experiences.

I now know how to pan for gold. Got bupkiss but the experience, but I know how to do it. The trick is not spending a fortune in the chase for the mother-load. That ship done sailed more than a century ago.

The PLN, such as it is, is to be certain I get a sound sleep tonight, do last arrangements1, and pack my shit for the trip.

Just like the trip out, I'm doing two instants so I'm ready for the trip back. And just like the trip out, I'm highly distracted by literally everything. Yay.

Three cheers for anxiety, I guess.

Once I'm back home, work will resume on B'Nar as well as recording footage for Oh My Mods and trying to learn Java so I can create that stories app... and Oh Shit I have Three Bajillion Projects Again.

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

It's a never-ending cycle of "Oh, I have the time. Oh, I have the time. Where did the time go?"

One day, I'll think these things through rationally.

But I kind of have to do the app thing because lack of space on my Google Drive. I've committed to doing Oh My Mods because I want to have some fun whilst maybe having a presence on the YouTubes and someone might stumble across my Author Readings (tm).

And I really should find a way to get back onto SESP at some point. Practice, perhaps, for me doing animatics to my own reading which might get me Noticed at long last.

But I also wanna make a game or two that I have a cool concept for and could plausibly turn into a retropixel Thing, maybe.


Plans, PLNs, and fuckups. That's my life.

I keep bumbling on anyway, because that's pretty much all I got. Enthusiasm, inertia, and anxiety are in a constant war in my head and maybe I can make something nice with it at the end of the day.

Half an hour a day. I got lots of half hours. I can plausibly do this.

Baby steps.

  1. Such as acquiring clear tape to be certain that the side rear-view mirror I busted up stays together until it can see a pro. Long story short: I bumped into something at low speed whilst avoiding bumping into something else and the pieces are whole but you need a degree to get them solidly back into place.