Just Another Maniac Monday

Mayhem threw up. Sigh. Which means he gets a free trip to the doctor's and I get more running around than I should be due.

I don't have to do the brat run, but I do have to get cashola [and sort out my squirrelings] and some fresh veggies. And since shepherd's pie was the one thing that Mayhem didn't throw up during the week, some more of that noise.

And I'm fresh out of sheep mince. I shall have to find some. This may take some time as lamb is currently off most of the shelves until proper-spring. [No objections to 'large lamb' aka hogget though. Hogget's way tastier.]

The mystery garment's name is Ruana, pronounced 'roo-ya-na'. And my spell checker still hates it but can at least find that it is a thing. Huzzah. MeMum did the googling for me and eased my frustrations. I owe you something, Mum. Thanks.

I have half an hour to wrangle things before I need to go places and do things. Fun times, sort of. Will Mayhem take an opportunity to drive? Who knows.

We shall see what we shall see.