Challenge #02014-E190: We All Fail Sometimes

How do aliens react to sayings such as “to err is human”, “it’s fine, you’re only human” and multitude of others like them? -- Only Human

[AN: I fixed that first saying there. I've never heard it the other way around]

It happened a lot, whenever a non-human was talking to a Human about a survived mistake. "We're only human," the Human would say. And then their brain would catch up with what their mouths had said and they'd amend, "Er. I mean. We all make mistakes."

Some would fumble their way through explaining that, after a while, Humans had a habit of seeing alien pack-members as fellow Humans with some peculiar characteristics. Even the decidedly non-humanoid species got this treatment. So long as a being was in a Human's bond-pack, they were an honorary Human. Many found this particular aspect of Human pack-bonding to be heavily insulting.

"You're only human," said Human Grish, gently patting Thork on the back of their thorax.

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