It's 2017, time for change

I confess, I fell over sick and Yuletide happened, and the house... went to crap. Waiting for everyone else to get their tail in gear and help remove the mess they made has been an abominable failure.

So the first thing I did this AM was going around the house and emptying all the little litter bins. Now Chaos has one less avenue to be lazy about cleaning the heck up.

New surprise policy for my little darlings: First kid awake gets the partially-filled rubbish bag that they have to fill before they get enjoyment time. I plan on using their laziness against them, this year.

Making Chaos do anything is tricky, so finding good motivation is key. Threes and fives, she can handle. One big task, not so much.

This is the year I convert MeMum and her doctor to LCHF or firkin die trying. I have science on my side, there's thousands of studies in my favour, increasing numbers of real people getting great results from it, increasing numbers of doctors who practice it for their own health. There's loads of people who are talking about this diet and how firkin good it is. And the only thing in the way is the bloody Dietary Recommendations for poisonous amounts of carbohydrates and no fats, and the stupid fucking laws that make doctors recommend it.

The Lipid Thesis is dead. It's been dead since way before Keto took off in 2011. Five years is plenty enough time for folks running things to notice that. The dude who came up with it recognised that he'd made a heinous mistake and tried to retract his study. But nobody listened to him by then. The way to get government grants was to tow the LFHC line.

Diabetes soared, the number of kids with mental issues soared, cholesterol problems soared. LFHC caused more problems than it ever solved.

It's time for that philosophy to die.

Besides, I'm not ready to be an orphan, yet.

I have to be more of a bully towards the rest of my family. I am not taking any bullshit. That's going to take most of my battery power, I know it. No more gaseous intent to do a thing. That thing is getting done.

Some things are staying the same. Of course I'm keeping up with my Instants. They've been so good to me. All that changes today is the letter in front of the second serial number.

Of course I'll keep working on my novels, but I'm going to purposely set some time aside to work on at least one fanfic a day. I need to start doing things for my own entertainment because I'm starting to not like life. But I'll also be helping motivate Beloved towards doing stuff that's been in the gas stage for too long, as well as stuff that really needs to be done.

I'm going to be playing Wall a lot of this year.