Interesting Development

Today is Mayhem's last day of school. Unless he hasn't finished his assignments and assessments. In which case, he's going back for what they call Summer School.

I really hope he's done with everything, though. It would be nice to not have to ride his arse for a change.

And it will be nice to not have to fret about half my little darlings for a bit.

And I have a Yule Feast to plan. I know I want to do Roast Duck, but I'm also eyeing the lobsters at Aldi's. I definitely want to do homemade GORP for potential dibble nibbles. And since it's a feast day, there's going to be some nice tasty carbs as an option for my feasters.

Not that I'm planning to do sugarplums or anything. Just treats and eats.

Probably a lot of pick-at-it fare. Nothing too extravagant beyond the duck. Because Aussie Yule is hellishly hot and not the best occasion for feasting.

But for now, I have today's work to fret about. No shiny Elf stories until I'm done there.