Challenge #01784-D322: Worrying Encounters

"But, there wasn't any psionic signal from this direction !"

What if Human are the only known sentient species who can't interact with some signal, like in the Wake comics ? How the first contact could look like ? (in the Wake comics, psionics signal are used as a mean of communication, something like telepathies. And human are "immune" to it. Meaning that we're just invisible to their system.) -- Anon Guest

Everyone knows now that Humans are 'space orcs'. They also know that Humans are insane. What they didn't learn until several First Contact scenarios was that Humans are the most egocentric species known to Galactic Civilisation.

Case File 0O9LP8IN6MU7. The Reliqhari Incident.

"Technician Falroth... Last survivor of the Investigation Vessel Reliqhari. I don't expect to last long on this Deathworld. I've improvised a filter to keep the particulates out and hooked it into my livesuit... there's no telling what's safe to feed into my nutrient synthesiser. Scanners are broken. I tried Sending... but no-one's in range. I'm recording this for anyone who finds my remains. Tell Tentho... I'm-- what?"

The pickup flips, and actual Deathworlders are approaching Technician Falroth and the wreck of the Reliqhari. They're cautious. They have scanning devices. And they are careful.

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