I'm on my way... soon

So here's the PLN:

1) Take my pills [done!]
2) Write this blog [almost there]
3) Gather all my shit into one place and start the long-arse journey to Tullagawupwup [not there at all]

I've packed most of my stuff. I've got clothes, pills, the basic tech I need to be mobile and keep y'all up with my nonsense. I made certain I have that one trinket I've been obsessing about.

...I have my hopes that the Vestigial Arsehole - aka the abusive ex - will stay out of the picture. We do not need his presence on the scene.

With good luck, he's too busy with his own ego to even bother.

I'm going to be driving safely, listening to Game of Thrones, and taking regular breaks. I should, within good reason, make it there safely.

I shall update you soon.