I'm having a day

There's a thing on today about the NDIS, what you need to know, and all that blabla. Since both my kids have a mental disability, I have to learn things like:

  1. Where the bar is set on "disabled". Like, whether or not autism counts.
  2. If autism does count, can adults get in on it?
  3. How much is this going to cost me?

Meanwhile, I also have an Instant, the Patreon posts, my usual word count, and three -count'em- three TAZ prompts in my Tumblr in-box. I'm going to have to pace those bad boys out if I want my wrists to live.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, I've got a rocketing start on Yes, Chef! and I should be within range of pasting in that excerpt within -oohhh- ten more pages or so.

Novel writing has spoiled me for writing short stories. I'm ten thousand percent into all the worldbuilding and character establishment, and fifteen pages later I'm like, "There was a point in here somewhere..."

At least nobody complains about the volume of my chapters any more.

Doing my diddly darndest to get things done early before I get exhausted by the stuff later. Stay tuned, folks.