Be best beloved darling dearest spouse had some frequent flyer points that were about to expire and decided to cash them in on a round trip to the States so I can go to the Wild Wild West Con in Tucson, Arizona, and see [IMO] the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.

I honestly thought I'd have to wait a decade before I saw them in person. Minimum of five years, assuming they got as insanely popular as they deserve and actually had the money for an Australian tour.

This means several things:

  • Beloved is the best spouse in all of time and space
  • The members of SPG may be in more trouble than they think because
  • I will fanbot all over them if given the chance
  • Any fan of mine who is also going to WWC in Tucson will have the chance to find me and ask me what the hell I'm up to [WARNING: may wax lyrical for hours]
  • We have to step up production of my cosplay because I want to be a robot when I go there.
  • My default state is going to be broke as fuck because EVERYTHING I do will be all about raising some dosh to spend on going there and having fun while I'm at it.

I've already warned Isabella about my impending trip. Someone please warn David and Sam. They didn't have their asks open.

As usual, anticipatory anxiety has major league fluffed up my sleep schedule. As a result, I woke up at about midnight and gave up on trying to sleep sometime past 2AM.

Pros: I got my 500 words done like, super early. Yay.

Cons: I am certain I'm going to be paying for this long about 4PM

I have to seek out and secure a frilly dress of approximate era that covers as much of me as possible. Red is ideal, but I can dye it if it's a very pale colour. Op Shops may yet help me there. The rest of my accessories are relatively simple, except for the opal heart and the mask piece.

I might also have to get a hatbox for Bitzer's fancy chapeau. Dunno where to find those. [My shopping area is anywhere in the general Brisbane area and Caboolture. If anyone knows where to get anything vaguely steampunk, let me know]

Got a LOT of planning to do.