Challenge #01091-B359: Here There Be Dragon Nesting Grounds

About learning a new way of breathing fire from her partner, that involves... well... nuclear fusion:

She's kept it a secret, yes. Long flights over the ocean... enormous detonations... a romantic evening for two dragons. -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Sounds more like nuclear fission, but whatevs]

The tiny island had been turned to glass where it hadn't been turned to soot. And even the soot had burned off. And the heat from within spoke of lava, but Relikor could not sense any other hint of volcanic activity. He still lounged across the searing hot stones and looked up at his new mate.

"Serilka... how is it that this entire island is glass?"

"It's from my experiments. I have long used this island as a testing ground. And now it's most suitable for nesting."

Indeed. The shallow, glass bowl in the centre of the island was perfect for a clutch of eggs. And a brooding parent atop them. And the entire place was just large enough for two dragons to nurse a clutch without getting on each other's nerves.

Of course, they'd all go their own way once the little ones could fly, but for now... it was paradise.

"And what experiments have you been performing, O glorious Serilka?"

"Do you see the whaling vessel, yonder?"

Relikor spotted the distant ship. From the looks of things, it was also harvesting shark fins. "Oh yes. I see them."

"Watch." She stood on her hind legs and inhaled deeply. Building her fires to the point where she glowed from within. And then she let fly, not with fire, but with a ball of bright plasma to rival the sun. It skated above the water until it met the whaler and then...

A flash of light so bright that it eclipsed all vision. A thunder so loud that it could not be heard. A plume of steam that burned as it caught fire. Catastrophic waves in a circle around where the ship had once been, threatening to cause tsunamis for the unlucky for miles to come.

This was power beyond measure. A means by which to conquer the very globe. And she had chosen him to sire a strong and healthy clutch of babies. Relikor felt honoured.

"New words must be invented to encapsulate your magnificence," he breathed.

Serilka gloated and preened. "And if we hurry, we can feast on boiled fish," she added.

And mayhap join bodies while they were at wing. Relikor grinned as he took to the air after his mate. He would do his utmost to please her, oh yes.

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