I Need a Day

I'm taking a break from my flash fanfiction today. I've been getting real dark of late and that's a sign of... something. I need a ray of hope. I need to stop looking at the news. I need...

I need a day of rest.

So, today, I'm focussing on the Instant, this blog, and that's it.

I'm calling it mental health. It might be a depression slump. I can't tell from here.

The news is dismal, my friends. My country's leaders are too afraid of Coal Moguls to take a stand for the environment. They're listening to money rather than the people. The conservative hate is taking over everywhere. Xenophobia, racism, sexism, loud people who can't tell the difference between playing fair and their entirely theoretical missing out... they're all taking over positions of power and attempting to force a status quo that the majority doesn't want.

Even if the Muppet and certain other world leaders don't up and decide to nuke the world, it's pretty much odds evens that the climate change catastophe won't be worked upon until it's literally too late to do anything.

We have the technology now to change things for the better, but we don't. Because the people with the money can't see how they'd be making more money when it happens.


This is why I need a day away from it all. Away from the potential to just... sink further.

I'm doing my Instant, and then I'm shutting down almost anything and playing some escapist bullshit.