I feel fantastic!

Okay, to start off, I have to note that what I've been calling the "Ketonic" Diet is actually the KETOGENIC Diet and works similar to Fatkins but doesn't induce Ketoacidosis like Fatkins does.

How? By replacing carbs with natural animal fats and the simple sugars found in fruit. That keeps the ketones behaving themselves and reduces the need for processed, carb-o-riffic nastiness that makes everyone fat.

That skim milk the doctors recommend based on the Lipid Theory? Carbs.

That lo-fat, Atkins-approved diet bread? Carbs.

I knew something was wrong with Fatkins the instant I learned that they thought apples were evil. Like... what the actual shit, Fatkins?

Anyway. This is my third day on the Ketogenic Diet and doing Low-Carb, High-fat.

For once, a diet that's firkin delicious.

I haven't had anything related to sugar inside of 48 hours and I haven't even touched some lo-carb breadlike substances since lunch, yesterday. I haven't had breakfast yet [Unless you count a finger's-worth of tasty cheese] BUT... I'm awake and energetic and Beloved and I went on a walk for the first time inside a month. Maybe two months.

It's easier to start in the morning. Even the meds-induced fog behind my eyes dissipates easier.

I've yet to lose a load of weight like Beloved did, but I have faith that I will.

I'm already feeling a vast change in my energy levels. I'm feeling a vast change in my mental energy. I woke up early, that much is true, but I didn't wake up tired. This is just bloody amazing, really.

I might even get some housework done. I feel that good.