I Feel Good

A 2-post collection


First up, some good news.

  • I didn't need a coffee at all yesterday
  • Now that I'm on Ashwagandha, I am sleeping the night
  • I have discovered BetaBooks, which is an online facility so that authors can keep tabs on their beta readers.

I hope to get a stable of them eventually, but for now, the only one I count is the only one I can rely on - MeMum

I shall gather others. Leave an encoded email in the replies if you're interested.

Other good news - my cyclone migraine has finally cleared and we're going strawberry picking today. BYO buckets.

It's a matter of time until the family wakes up, so if I want this instant done before noon, I'd better shake it.

[Oh yeah - also a sugarfree, dairy free "ice cream" exists and it is tasty as hell and the salted caramel has less carbs in it than the vanilla. IDK what bizarro universe I just entered, but I ain't leaving]

I feel fantastic!

Okay, to start off, I have to note that what I've been calling the "Ketonic" Diet is actually the KETOGENIC Diet and works similar to Fatkins but doesn't induce Ketoacidosis like Fatkins does.

How? By replacing carbs with natural animal fats and the simple sugars found in fruit. That keeps the ketones behaving themselves and reduces the need for processed, carb-o-riffic nastiness that makes everyone fat.

That skim milk the doctors recommend based on the Lipid Theory? Carbs.

That lo-fat, Atkins-approved diet

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