I am frustrate

On the continuing saga of New Phone Wat Dis(aka #myphonebygoogle), I have finally combatted the hassle of getting my music data onto my actual phone. The caveat being that the file manager in question will also play random shit that's content for games. We'll work around that when the time comes.

And speaking of workarounds... I did some 3D drafting for Bitzer's new hip handle, this morning. And once done, it should have been an easy matter to transfer those files from my iMac to Beloved's new Pixel.



Believe it.

Seems iMacs hate Google just as much as Google hates Apple, and the resulting feud fueled some frustration-fueled, growl-ridden hours trying to make two devices actually firkin talk to each other.

It went a little something like:

Beloved: Okay, this should work. (clicketty clicketty)

Beloved: (swearing and growling)

Me: Welcome to the background radiation of my life.

We needed a fantastic new way of transferring files over 300Kb in size. And then I remembered that we already have the best and most unintentional method of passing each other some shit:


Yes, folks. The one, the only, the superlative method of communication ever invented by a programmer who had no limits. It's intended to be another chat system, but the file transfer shit is just beyond the bomb. It's the genesis bomb.

It works on every device. You can send ANY electronic file to a friend, you can group chat if you so wish. It's that firkin versatile.

Forget wifi. Forget ftp. Forget all those dropbox-related apps out there. Just get firkin Telegram. You'll thank me for it.