I am frustrate

I was so proud of myself, this morning. I went from scribble-sketch to proper sketch to neat inks in one morning. I was so happy, I wanted to try colouring the thing, or at least making a start on colouring the thing...

But Procreate wasn't co-operating. It now refuses to let me use the airbrush tool and, for a while, it wasn't letting me use the tablet pen.

It would work elsewhere, just not in Procreate.

After backing the iPad Pro up on my compy, I got pen functionality back, but I still can't use the airbrush tools for completely unknown reasons.

I would really rather not have to purge the program from my iPad and re-install it. Everything I know about doing that seems like it's going to be a pain in my arse.

Still, I have learned how to import PSD's and palettes, so there's that much less of a sore derriere for yours truly.

In other news, our PLNs today include seeing a movie with the little darlings as a sort of last-day-of-freedom deal.

If I can - and that's an important 'if' - I want to finish colouring the current frame so that I'm prepared for the root canal if that becomes necessary. I don't want it to be necessary, but it's starting to feel like it might be. Like... I can get by on the pen tools? But I don't want to.

I know what it isn't. It isn't a space problem, because there's oodles of space left on the iPad. It isn't a pen problem, because the pen works in all other apps and all other in-app tools. The layer isn't alpha locked, because I can use the other tools in there. I just did some colouring to be certain.

It's a problem with airbrush and only airbrush and I do not know how to fix it. Yet.

But I owe y'all a story today, so I'd better get on with that, first.