Holidays... Mostly

School holidays commence this afternoon. Huzzah. I have two weeks of mostly living in my Kigu to look forward to.

Except Monday. I'm getting my flu needle then. For all other things, I am jamming in my toe socks and Kigu and Not Going Anywhere. So there.

So of course my Beloved has plans to get me out and make me do stuff. Which will happen with the mandatory whining.

Beloved has plans all the time. One of which will arrive today. It is apparently something that will assist in my protein intake. I thought of food scales, but it's apparently not that.

I say apparently, because my Beloved is a sneak of a royal order.

They did say that a food scale is a great idea. We've had two of them and lost them so far. If we get another one, I am keeping it in ONE place and getting defensive about keeping it there.

And getting defensive about keeping a stock of batteries.

Today, I have to focus enough to get my stuff done. Watch me procrastinate my day the heck away.