Challenge #01998-E174: Garry's God

Please write some more about the Goddess of Fools and her human sacrifices! That last one was such a cliffhanger! -- Anon Guest

[AN: That would be this story for those who don't have the time to scroll back that far. And I have to wonder... cliffhanger? The dude died and was headed for Paradise. That's pretty final IMHO]

She was about to collect her latest offering. A young man just before coming of age. He could see her, but his body still lived, yet. At least he was free of pain.

"Duz'n a dyin' man gedda kiss, boo'ful?" he slurred.

Not Yet, said the Goddess of Fools.

"Not on my watch," said another voice. A cleric with gifts of healing laid his hands on the still breathing form of Garron Spynach. The Goddess of Life and Love flickered behind the cleric.

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