Hocus Pocus

I really gotta focus.

Beloved stayed home to help me yesterday, and today the entire frame is complete and awaiting Tuesday. Tuesday is when all the fun happens.

The boxing, the concrete pour, the levelling thereof and all the jiggery-pokery. After that bullshit is over with, I have to harass my beloved into constructing the walkway that will connect the cat shelter with the main structure of the house.

Of course, I still have to go over said structure with Spakfilla and all-weather paint before we get the skin on and the roof on and the cat -finally- in.

At least I should have the weekend to chill, right?

BZZZT! That answer is incorrect, thank you for playing!

Nope. Today, I am off to scenic Coominya to help Capt. S. with her own cat shelter, keeping an eye on the kids 'cause we're dragging them along too, and all-around general shenanigans. Tomorrow, I'm off on social stuff with a friendo to celebrate her birthday and maybe make some new friends in the process. I won't have a weekend to chill.

I'll be making up for it in the following week(s) when I am chilling with my new kitty friend(s).

Yesterday was something of a milestone for me because I was finally able to watch an episode of Critical Role. I have now witnessed all of season one. I shall now catch up on season two. From the beginning, because (a) I am actually that pedantic and (b) I forgot which episode I was up to. Derp.

But that's much later.

Now, I need to concentrate on a story for y'all before I'm dragged off to distant lands to build a cat shelter.