Herding ducks

Almost, but not quite as bad as herding cats. But I have to line up all the ducks for Chaos again because...

  • The free paediatrician managing all of the ASD nonse has moved to Cape York or somewhere that's an embuggerance to get to.
  • Leaving myself to break in a new paediatrician
  • AND I have to round up all the paperwork that will see Chaos in a special school for her higher education
  • Which might also mean that I'll also have to break in a new psychiatrist because people just love having things closer. And I'm one of them.

The good news is that there's a superclinic where most if not all of this will be the right price (free!) and we will possibly be bouncing from office to office within the same labyrinth.

The really good news is that I'm getting better at getting the relevant ducks in line and chasing after paperwork lets me soothe the little fragment of my psyche that likes hunting things.

No, I have never hunted a living thing. Chasing down inanimate objects is as far as I go. Promise.

BUT I have already lined up meds, and set things underway again. I just have to chase people for bits of paper before I make a real appointment. And chase Beloved to assist in the agent-hunting because samples of the correct dimensions are needed. And chase myself and my little darlings into continuing to nibble the household debris to death...

Am I sure that herding ducks is easier than herding cats?