Hello the Clusterfuck

Beloved hasn't done shit for the taxes save for printing their information, so now it's up to me to do the thing. Before Friday.

Fortunately, the local accountants are amenable and I have an appointment early tomorrow so I can get this shiznit out of the way ASAP.

Come next financial year, I am pestering Beloved to get things over with before their weekends are eaten alive by the Melbourne Cup Monster.

Things to look forward to - a new episode of Doctor Who. Maybe even watching it with the love of my life.

Things to dread - Flood Season has started here in Sunny Queensland. This morning's Cyclone Migraine just means that the rains keep coming and they don't stop coming and sooner or later I may be doing an emergency run to come get my kids before the roads are all flooded. Yay.

Fingers crossed I get all my financial shit dealt with before the road closures happen. At least my work is relatively flood-proof. As long as my tech is fine, I'm fine.

Gotta focus. Today I gotta stay on message, and that message is WRITE!