Hectic PLNs

My car is due for a service, today. BUT, because of scheduling issues and Beloved's workload being THE MOST IMPORTANT THING... it gets convoluted.

  1. Beloved drives my car into the place to get it fixed
  2. Beloved catches usual lift to work
  3. I do the brat run as almost normal, with a borrowed car that I personally hate to drive.
  4. I drive to the place (with lappy on board)
  5. I babysit my car's fixing process
  6. I leave despised car in a parking space with the key in a pre-arranged place
  7. I drive my car once it's fixed and paid for1
  8. Beloved picks up despised car on the way home and drives it home at leisure

All this because Beloved doesn't have the time to do a morning brat run. And, because Beloved is not a morning person, I not only have to chase my little darlings into being ready on time, but also chase my Beloved into being ready on time.

So today's Instant may arrive on the networks at an interesting time.

Also, I have a functioning Wordpress account, now. Expect advertising and writers' rants.

Onwards to the chase!


Turns out my wheels need rotating as well, so my car is going to be at the repairs shop ALL FUCKING DAY. So Beloved is picking up my car in the evening and I've upgraded to the nicer Jeep which can at least tune into my phone music instead of bombarding me with radio inanity. And I'm staying home where I can stick to my schedule.

  1. Insert credit card shenanigans here.