HAM works!

When you have a lot to do, going HAM helps. Yes, the Half-hour Action Model is a good tactic to get several things done at once when you're as prone to scatterbrain syndrome as I am.

Yes, I know it's the ADHD portion of my ASD comorbs, I just like alliteration. So ner.

Today's agenda of goals includes:

  • Increment Java education
  • Increment RPG Maker education
  • Today's Instant
  • Today's TAZ ficlet
  • 500 words in B'Nar
  • 100 more chapters unfucked

The last on that list includes a Money Run, which needs to happen after the local mall opens because that's where the nearest and most convenient ATM is. Which means that, by the time I'm done with this blog entry, I should put my shoes on and go fetch cash.

I'm also attempting to learn how to make an incremental game because NOW is the time to get a billion projects and burn myself out, apparently. Not just any billion projects, but a billion new projects.

I should be figuring out how to get back into SESP, but no. Games. I'm compelled to make games.

I will devote some future half-hours of my HAM to getting back into SESP. I can do this. I'm nearly at the first bridge/refrain before the first chorus. I can make it through the other three.

I can do all this.

I just... managed to scare myself about the logistics is all.