This is one year where Miss Chaos hasn't expressed a desire to go out and demand treats or threaten tricks, so I'm not calling any last-second attention to it. We'll be going dark this year. Not that anyone has ever attempted to get stuff from us in the first place.

Mayhem is sick again. He blames standing out in the rain that one time. I'm suspicious that he might not be taking his gall bladder meds even when he says he is. My boy has a long history of lying about doing something for his own good and then paying the price.

I forget if I mentioned it, but the 7th of November is Air Con Installation Day. Just in time for the heat waves to hit. Yay? It also means that I should be able to purchase a door to keep the cool inside the compy room and maybe even help install that before the air con comes.

If there is a benefit to this morning, it's that I don't have to rush myself. I do have to interrupt myself, but that's a different story.

For now, I just need to focus on that which needs getting done.