Challenge #02127-E298: Cruel and Unusual

"I swear, if you press that button one more time, I will end you!" -- Anon Guest

In all the universe, no instrument of chaos has ever been more diabolical than the demo button. There's certainly a Hell where the damned is a stocker for aisled upon aisles of toys with demo buttons and hyperactive children who press them all as they go by.

Swarm Leader Yrtuq is certain of this as a small child presses a button on a brightly coloured toy. It is the only button the child wants to press, and the child is endlessly amused. Yrtuq is not amused. He is enraged. He is also on the wrong side of an impenetrable barrier. The small child is on the other side. Comfortable, relaxed, and laughing as they press the button with the relentlessness of a true torturer.

The toy, for the record, allegedly sings variations of Old McDonald, but it never gets as far as the reveal of what Old McDonald had on his farm, because the child presses the button before that can happen.

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