Gradually unfucking my house, and my life

I'm getting there. The floor needs a sweep and I might just make the brats do that because I'm having a low spoons day. When I get up from my blogging duties, I will enter another basket of washing into the eternal cycle of sorting clothes.

I nearly have a full bag to take to Saint Vincent's. All clothes that Mayhem or Chaos or both have outgrown.

I'm still hanging on to a pair of size 16 jeans in the idle hope that I will one day fit into them again. And the jeans I have are suffering from near-fatal chub rub. They may last one more winter. Fingers crossed.

It's looking good, weight wise. I'm back to the heavier end of 95 kilos after four days of treat rationing and of course my daily walk. And I'm back on my supplements, after an entire half a year of forgetting them.

Someone did a dishwash in the night. Or should I say "attempted to do a dishwash" because though the dishes were very neatly stacked and the machine put through its paces... they neglected to peel the soap tablet that goes in the machine. A process of elimination reveals that Chaos may well have been that very helpful person.

I'm waiting until Thursday to evict the spoiled food from the fridge. All because that is Bin Day and I don't want organic decomposition happening on my patio for the better part of a week. And why did the stuff spoil? Because someone messed with the fridge settings and caused it to act no better than a slightly chilly cupboard.

I'm slightly miffed about that.

And worse - I can't read the settings myself because some design genius decided to put an LED readout right firkin next to the illumination for the entire dang fridge. Beloved can read it. I can't.

And today... yikes. I really gotta get the results for Chaos, put in the school supplies orders [regardless of finances] and at least fetch fresh milk and eggs. The old eggs are going out even if I have to find space for them in the big bin, one at a firkin time. And, of course, keep nibbling away at Mount Laundry.

I can't do everything at once. I just gotta take it one thing at a time.