Getting closer

We have a much smaller (hopefully cheaper) list of matts to get for some of the last stages of building the exterior walkway.

We have the long stretch of walkway made and ready to install, we have another one almost complete, save for the fact that our supplies literally fell short.

Therefore, this morning, we're going out for matts. The rest of today is going to be spent with me learning how to use dynabolts, and putting together some walkway elements. After that, the interior should be relatively easy. I hope.

Dynabolts and table saws. Those are my fun new toys for the day. Paint, which will need to happen for the wood, is technically an old toy and doesn't count.

I might even learn how to do pocket joints.

What I'm not likely to do is have a story done before sunset. If that happens, we might have actually finished the enclosure. Woot.