GAME NIGHT! Woot Woot!

After a month of deprivation, we're back in the game :D I'm stoked. The ur-game of D&D is back on for sure.

Every player, consciously or no, plays "break the DM" because making your DM laugh is such fun. Likewise, making them say, "What the fuck?" or calling on their deities in any tone of voice.

I actually do want to make our DM a third-eye hat. I just have to find the mats and then twiddle about with them until it's made :D And yes, I will probably be documenting that.

Also in the PLN today is a trip to get poked in the arm with a sharp stick, as I am well in the risk zone for this years' killer flu strain. This alongside a trip to the shops for D&D supplies and The Quest For Stickers.

A little background for Non-Australians. Every now and again, the two major grocery chains re-run a "charitable" scam called Earn and Learn. You shop there, they give you stickers according to the value of the shit you purchased. You pass these stickers along to the school of your choice, and the grocery chain gives that school money according to how many stickers they gather.

They profit, schools get stuff, it's win-win and the assembled families of the school kids get a warm glow as they buy their veggies. It's fun.

To be certain I'm getting everything done today [already accomplished my Novel work, yay], I shall be content creating on my lappy as I wander hither and thither and even yon.

Wish me luck, y'all.