I went to the pet shop to acquire some base essentials, which included kibble, litter, and three packets of sachets.

I forgot the damn kibble.

Hence the title.

Part of today's nonsense involves finishing the podcast off, actually acquiring kibble for my poor starving felines, and rearranging my ENTIRE KITCHEN so I have the space to make bread.

I may surrender to the inertia gods and merely add a vinyl mess mat to the table IDK.

There's something about the recent insanities that has my energy bottoming out. Fortunately, I have a bunch of survival strategies for when I'm stuck with the Morbs.

Small shock that the morbs strike. People are out there acting like absolute idiots and there's no signs of anyone stopping. At least people aren't raiding pet shops for nonsense. Yet.

I'm going to figure things out as I go, today.


Hell, I haven't had the time to work on my foodie blog AT ALL. Bleh.

Wish me luck, folks.