Challenge #02625-G068: Toxic Under Certain Circumstances

Alien and Human conversation:

A: And Humans keep drinking these?

H: Jup.

A: Even though it can dissolve Rats?

H: Jup, in Moderation.

A: Why?

H: It tastes good.

(/TIL The Mouse-Mountaindew-Case) -- Anon Guest

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for the mouse in the Mountain Dew. Food adulteration implications therein.]

Humans are Deathworlders. It should therefore be little shock that they can enjoy consuming toxic substances. Some Humans claim they cannot continue to exist without their daily dosage of poisons or acids. Others refuse to operate without their first dosage of toxins. For those who are more sensitive to such things, take warning - there are no limits to the chemistry that a Human should not, but will add into their bodies anyway.

Theobromine, acid, toxic amounts of sucrose, not to mention the assorted intoxicants they voluntarily consume for recreational purposes. Combinations of all the above and more are available in Human culture can simply boggle the mind. Always verify with the attending Medik that your Human is actually in good health.

Companion Crix was not in a fit state to remember any of that when they met their assigned Human for morning bonding time whilst eating. They were used to strange noises around their Human and didn't become concerned until they noticed that Human Ker's chosen beverage was fizzing.

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